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31 July 2013

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The Value of Truthfulness in Our Society

The McMillan English dictionary for Advanced Learners defines the word truth as the actual factual information about something rather than what people think, expect or make up. It is an expression of the symbol that corresponds to reality in habit.

Similarly, truth has been described as a purity that differentiates between right and wrong.  Truth is a virtue every society cherishes. 

It is one word that every person depends upon relationships and businesses. The world over, a high premium is placed on truthfulness, yet, the reality at times is that people indulge in pretense and falsehood. 

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Only truth brings freedom and cure to all the problems of life. Truth drives away fear, frustrations, anxiety, depression, failure, hatred and death.

Furthermore, truth promotes quality healthful living which leads to happiness, peace, contentment, satisfaction, love, harmony, joy, hope, trust, stable relationship and it also radiate beauty.

Today, many homes, businesses, governments and individual societies have been in disarray because people refuse to imbibe the culture of telling the truth.

The parent should not forget that the children are the Nigerians collective future. 
Therefore, the need to cultivate truthfulness part of character molding.

Lack of truth in the life of our children leads to unpleasant attitudes, such as drug abuse, trafficking, alcoholism, premarital sex, cultism, kidnapping, robbery and death.

Some teenagers believe that it is right to engage in such behaviours, but those have been thinking to see those things as wrong.

In today’s society, sins revolve around the tenets of truth depending on where a person lives and what social class the person belongs to.

Where truth is upheld, it will be difficult for people to derail. Those who are using false balance and deceit in their day-to-day businesses should forget that truthfulness sustains business. The refusal of some leaders to tell the truth and stand by it what bought about problems in this country today.

All society is sick because truth is a rare commodity. People are bearing false witness against one another; indulge in false declaration of age and other documents. Other fraudulent activities are rampant.

Our country is blessed by God; we have to contribute our own quota by imbibing the truth in our day-to-day lives

Many people are wounded because of inability to see this great virtue in others. According to the popular saying “conscience is an open wound, only the truth can heal it”, truth is the healing balm in broken and wounded minds

The time for restitution is now. We have to begin to promote truthfulness as a proper way of life. It is also said “tell the truth and shame the devil”

For there to be peace, stability and harmony in the society, everyone must embrace truth 

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