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5 October 2013

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5 Non-Conventional Advertising Routes for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

Do you have a product to sell or premium service to render? If yes, how many people know about your products or services? It is so disgusting to go through a rigorous production process of goods but at the end of the day, no patronage. Lack of patronage to your products or services may be because of low exposure
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The Needs to Adhere to the Tenets of Democracy in Nigeria

Democracy has been defined as the government of the people, for the people and by the people. From this popular definition of democracy, it is clear that this form of government revolves around the people.

3 October 2013

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How to participate in the oil and gas industry: Part I

I had earlier written a post on Reasons Why You Should Participate in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. Now, another question arose, how can you participate in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industries? In this article, I will discuss ways that you can participate in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industries and to become fully relevant in the system. This article is the part 1 of 3 which covers the prequalification eligibility and how to get involved. Please read thoroughly.

12 August 2013

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Reasons Why You Should Participate in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry

In this article, I want to outline major reasons why Nigerians should be fully involved in the day-to-day business of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. Many Nigerians believed that the affairs of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry had been left entirely in the hands of the multinationals not knowing that The Federal Government had signed into law the Nigerian Local Content Act 2010 that favours the indigens to fully participate and own the greater percentage of shares

10 August 2013

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How to Register your Business in Nigeria - A Step-by-step Guide

This post is published in detail by the same author at I had to summarize it here because of its relevancy to the targeted audience.
Do you have a business or want to establish one? Consider registering your business name today with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. You can register your business name in Nigeria with or without a Lawyer. Just follow the instructions below. After registration, your business becomes your sole property. Your registered business name is one of your most important business

7 August 2013

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How to Register Vehicle in Nigeria – A Step-by-step Vehicle Registration Guide to Obtain a Number Plate

Photo Source: PUNCH
Are you just coming out from the car stand with your brand new car? Congratulations from me! But your recently purchased vehicle will not be allowed to ply the Nigerian roads without proper registration processes and proof of road worthiness. So, consider registering it today to void being embarrassed by the law enforcement which might even lead to impoundment of your newly purchased treasure. Vehicle registration in
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How to Become a Successful Online Marketer in Nigerian Marketplace

Do you want to make money online in Nigeria? In this discourse, I want to explain how you can do so. First, I will start by explaining the nature of the Nigerian online marketplace and best practices to ensure success. At the end of reading this post, you will understand the Nigerian online marketplace and how you can tap into its potentials.

6 August 2013

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The Needs for People to Develop their Inert Potentials to become Self Reliance

Photo Source: BlueBlues
The days when people went to school and looked up to government for automatic employment are gone.  Those were the days in the nation when the colonial masters wanted indigenous and educated people to fill positions colonial administration.  The post colonial era also required educated citizens to fill the vacant positions created by the departing colonial officers. This created a scenario that once one acquired western education, one would find employment in the civil service.

5 August 2013

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How to Get a New Drivers License in Nigeria

Photo Source: FRSC

Possession of a valid drivers license allows the bearer to operate (drive) a vehicle such as a motorcycle, keke, car, bus, or a truck on a Nigerian roadway. Nigerian drivers license can also serve for other purposes as it can be used as a means of identity to the bearer when need be.

4 August 2013

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How to Get Tax Clearance Certificate for your Company in Nigeria

Tax clearance certificate is one of the documents necessary for various corporate transactions by both individuals and corporate organisations in Nigeria. In this article, I want to discuss on how to get tax clearance certificate for your company in Nigeria which is usually after the taxpayer has gotten a valid taxpayer’s identification number (TIN) from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). The process is

3 August 2013

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How to Get Taxpayer’s Identification Number, TIN, in Nigeria

This post have been moved to . Visit there to read the step-by-step guide on How to Get Taxpayer’s Identification Number, TIN, in Nigeria Read more here

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Increasing food Security through Homestead Farming

Homestead farming is the process and the practicability of using small spaces behind your house, at the side of your house, on top of your house to do agricultural practices. There is the need to increase food production in this country.  Our demand for food and food products is too high than what we are producing.  

1 August 2013

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Practical Steps to Eradicate Examination Malpractice

Photo Credit: Tosindeda

The main objective of our education is to equip students with relevant knowledge and skills to enable them contribute effectively to national development. This training demands periodic assessment and evaluation in the form of test and examination in order to determine the level of knowledge and competence of students.

31 July 2013

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The Value of Truthfulness in Our Society

The McMillan English dictionary for Advanced Learners defines the word truth as the actual factual information about something rather than what people think, expect or make up. It is an expression of the symbol that corresponds to reality in habit.

Similarly, truth has been described as a purity that differentiates between right and wrong.  Truth is a virtue every society cherishes. 

29 July 2013

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The Significance of Courtship before Marriage

One of the happiest days in the live of a man or woman is the wedding day, but before the coming together of the man and the woman, there is this period called the courtship. How significant is this period? This article intends to outline the needs and benefits of courtship. 

Courtship is that period of time between when a man says to a woman “I want to marry you” and when they actually wed.  According to Wikipedia,

26 July 2013

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Another Look at Effectiveness of Child Discipline

In life, there are different means of instilling a sense of moral character in a child. One of it is child discipline. A child is under tutorage of the parent and societal influence during his or her growing age. Some people see discipline as a punishment but it’s not. It is the act of trying... Read More
Another Look at Effectiveness of Child Discipline 
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Peace: A Panacea for National Development

At Fertile Nigeria, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us (See this article to learn more about Privacy Policies.). This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by Fertile Nigeria and how it is used.Log FilesLike many...
Peace: A Panacea for National Development

25 July 2013

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Ohurikaka, a traditional Marriage Rites in Okrika

The journeys into matrimony which may be either through the traditional rites or court marriage accord a man and a woman full recognition as a couple. However, in Okrika, an ethnic group in Rivers State, Nigeria, marriage is not complete without the Ohurikaka, a highly placed marriage rite in the coastal community in Nigeria.

In Okrika, there are basically three stages of marriage (1) The Iyaa, (2) Igwa, and finally (3) Ohuru which is the Ohurikaka. If you are an intending groom, you have to

24 July 2013

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Importance of Parental Consent in Marriage

In this article, I want to discuss the importance of parental consent in marriage. Marriage is a union between two individuals. It is also the amalgamation of two families. As such... Read more
Importance of Parental Consent in Marriage
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22 July 2013

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Kola Nut, a Sacred Commodity for Prayers in Igboland

There are two types of cola nut in Nigeria, kola nutida otherwise referred to as ngoro are widely consumed in the northern part of Nigeria, kola acuminata also referred to as igbo cola which is or local origin and occupy an important post in social religious, economic, political and sacred live of Igbo society

Kola nut has been seen as a vital and sacred commodity. It has a lot of functions.

29 June 2013

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Feelings about Birthplace: the Nigerian Perspective

The birthplace of every human has been the centre of attention of every individual throughout history. Most people do request to know where one was born. What exactly is the significance of one’s birthplace?

It depends on the circumstance of one’s birth and uniqueness of your birth into the particular society. Some don’t believe there is any significant attached to the birth place and this is that school of thought are

28 June 2013

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Highlight of the Nigerian Central Bank Currency Museum

All over the world, museums are common, but currency museum is rare. The Central Bank of Nigeria established the currency museum. The Central Bank currency museum was commissioned on the 5th of May 2009 as part of the festivities to mark the 50th Anniversary of Central Bank.

If you review the nation's currency transition, since the days of commodity exchange (trade by batter) to cowries and to the present day Naira notes. I often wonder and ask, what is the informed mission to change the nature of their currency? Was it more of crucial importance?