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29 June 2013

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Feelings about Birthplace: the Nigerian Perspective

The birthplace of every human has been the centre of attention of every individual throughout history. Most people do request to know where one was born. What exactly is the significance of one’s birthplace?

It depends on the circumstance of one’s birth and uniqueness of your birth into the particular society. Some don’t believe there is any significant attached to the birth place and this is that school of thought are

28 June 2013

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Highlight of the Nigerian Central Bank Currency Museum

All over the world, museums are common, but currency museum is rare. The Central Bank of Nigeria established the currency museum. The Central Bank currency museum was commissioned on the 5th of May 2009 as part of the festivities to mark the 50th Anniversary of Central Bank.

If you review the nation's currency transition, since the days of commodity exchange (trade by batter) to cowries and to the present day Naira notes. I often wonder and ask, what is the informed mission to change the nature of their currency? Was it more of crucial importance?