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29 June 2013

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Feelings about Birthplace: the Nigerian Perspective

The birthplace of every human has been the centre of attention of every individual throughout history. Most people do request to know where one was born. What exactly is the significance of one’s birthplace?

It depends on the circumstance of one’s birth and uniqueness of your birth into the particular society. Some don’t believe there is any significant attached to the birth place and this is that school of thought are
believed not to be attached to it.  Many folks claim that there is a stream of sentimental affiliation or connection to where they were born. Some people are so emotional about where they were born and see their birthplace more like home even though the place is not of their paternal origin.

In fact, some people insist that the person’s predestination in life maybe adjudge by an individual’s birthplace. If a man is born in a particular place, there are these feelings that are created between the person and that place, you will first of all identify with the people in that place, grow up with them, share a lot of interest together, interact  and love them.

Wherever one is born, there is a kind of affinity that exists between the person and the place of birth. For instance, if you are from Nigerian and it happened that you were born in the USA, you are automatically an American citizen by birth. Politically, you can contest for a particular position in government during an election and you are also eligible to vote. This mode of citizenship (by birth) is not only practiced in America but most other developed and developing countries. As a citizen, you enjoy all the privileges of the state.
As food for thought, you may want to take an adventurous trip to your birthplace or simply stay there in the sweetness of your place of birth if you are lucky to be resident there.

Feelings about Birthplace: the Nigerian Perspective 
For me, life really is what we make out of it. So, no matter where you are born or the impacts it has on you, what really matters is the fact that you are alive. If you have to move away from the place where you were born to another just to stay alive, then you should move, for instance, it is advised that people living on the river banks should move to higher grounds just to stay alive if there cannot devise means to prevent flood.   

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