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5 October 2013

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5 Non-Conventional Advertising Routes for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

Do you have a product to sell or premium service to render? If yes, how many people know about your products or services? It is so disgusting to go through a rigorous production process of goods but at the end of the day, no patronage. Lack of patronage to your products or services may be because of low exposure
to your potential buyers.  Most big business players in Nigeria such as Banks and Telecom Industries adopt mega advertising routes to reach out to their customers. They invest huge amounts to showcase their products and services. They are seen on big media like Supersport TV, CNN, BBC etc. You might not have this much to compete with these multinational companies. In this article, I will review some non-conventional advertising routes for small and medium scale enterprises. I tagged these routes “non-conventional” because they are not widely used, while some has not been used before at all.

These non-conventional advertising routes are not only affordable but have added advantages to small and medium scale enterprises. It helps you reach out to your target audience. Of course, what ever route you are using, the real essence is to tell your potential customer about what you sell or services you offer so as to increase patronage.

There are advertising routes for any size of business. So, check out the list below and see how you can apply one or all of them to maximise your sales.
  1. Append your business on GSM Recharge Cards: GSM recharge cards is currently the most purchased goods in Nigeria. The rate of demand for recharge card outnumbers demands for food or clothing. You can make contact with any local recharge card sub-dealer who prints GSM recharge cards to append your product on it before printing.  Imagine your business or product list appearing on this small paper that goes viral every time, everywhere. Also, imagine how many people in all walks of life will have access to know about your product or services in that particular area that the recharge card circulates.
  2. Paste your business stickers on transport vehicles: Most notable transport utility vehicle that is suitable for this advertisement route is KEKE (tricycle). Others are taxi, buses etc. These utility vehicles moves around from one place to another and carries different passengers in different time. Imagine your business name and contact being seen by thousands of people on daily basis.   
  3. Announce your business in worship centres: Worship centres like church, mosque etc. are places where people in all walks of live gather once in a while to profess what they believe in. I know this is a place of worship, but there is announcement time. You can contact your worship centre committee, discus with them and submit your product list or services. The most interesting aspect of this is that they can announce your business without charging any fee especially if you are a member of the congregation.
  4. Paste or drop your business flyers in Busy location (only at approved locations): There are busy locations in every city. These locations might be bus stop, markets, supermarkets, banks etc. If you want to drop some flyers in banks for instance, just contact the manager of the bank branch, negotiate and drop them at the required location, usually the filling desk, do same in supermarkets or other people’s business centre. You can also make use of premium notice board offered by many institutions like schools, post offices etc.    
  5. Create a blog for your products or services: Creating blogs for your products or services has been regarded as an excellent tool to reaching potential audience. Write about your products or services and get tons of visitors to know about what you are doing. Interestingly, you can start a blog without paying a dime. It is not compulsory that you will sell online but you drive leads from online visitors to your office address. Do you need help in creating blog?  Consider subscribing to my newsletter to get that post on how to create a blog for your business when I publish it.
I have researched on these tips given above and they are proven to work well. Also, these tips are feasible to adopt. So, are you running a small or medium scale business? Just give each or all of them a try and you will be glad you did.

Do you have any comment? Drop it below. 

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