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28 June 2013

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Highlight of the Nigerian Central Bank Currency Museum

All over the world, museums are common, but currency museum is rare. The Central Bank of Nigeria established the currency museum. The Central Bank currency museum was commissioned on the 5th of May 2009 as part of the festivities to mark the 50th Anniversary of Central Bank.

If you review the nation's currency transition, since the days of commodity exchange (trade by batter) to cowries and to the present day Naira notes. I often wonder and ask, what is the informed mission to change the nature of their currency? Was it more of crucial importance?

The need for a currency museum is further emphasized by the need for preservation of history, it also encourages anybody to see an identity of a country. When you pick up a currency, it depicts the general culture, lifestyle, religion and sometimes the tribes that exist in the country. More or less, a currency is like an identification guide of a nation. The currency museum is trying to preserve the history which will serve not only as a tourist site for foreigners but as learning tools to younger ones. This history will be learned and transferred for future mankind. For financial integrity to be preserved for the youths and the adults as well as future generation yet unborn

The Nigerian currency museum is located in the main complex of the Central Bank building in Abuja. Therefore it is very accessible for visitors from home and abroad. The Nigerian currency museum can be a place of excursion from schools and universities, as well as site for tourist. Will you want to visit the Nigerian Currency Museum? Just give 2 or 3 days notice to the director of currency operation department or the office of the director, corporate affairs of the bank. Once that is done, the request is processed and you will be contacted

Items in the Central Bank currency Museum seem to be more hilarious, they were used as forms of currencies then. Like the gin bottles, the hose, the manilas, the cowries seems to be worthless now were of immense value in those pre-currency eras.

The currency museum is open for all of us to go there. It is like casting our mind back to history and with that, I am sure the present and future generation will know the currencies that were used in day-to-day transaction in their country. Have a cause today to get to the museum and know more about your history and then know how to face your future even better.                 

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