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7 August 2013

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How to Become a Successful Online Marketer in Nigerian Marketplace

Do you want to make money online in Nigeria? In this discourse, I want to explain how you can do so. First, I will start by explaining the nature of the Nigerian online marketplace and best practices to ensure success. At the end of reading this post, you will understand the Nigerian online marketplace and how you can tap into its potentials.

Many bloggers have written several posts on how to make money online but I once, paused and asked, how possible is this “make money online thing” in Nigeria. What are the possibility of making serious money online as a Nigerian.

The Nature of the Nigerian Online Marketplace
In the Nigerian online market environment, neither the buyer nor the seller has the needed trust for fruitful online transactions. The supposed online buyers have phobias purchasing online due to the growing incidence on online scammers and fraudsters that are flooding our online marketplace.

Most previous victims of online fraud do not even think of trying to buy online anymore. That follows the popular saying “once bitten twice shy”.  Maybe because of this reason, the most popular payment platform globally - PayPal blacklisted Nigerians from using their services. What about Clickbank? I think Nigerians are in their black book too.

These ugly trends have really marred the progress of our existing and intending online entrepreneurs. So, what are all these blabbing “make money online in Nigeria” all about? Or are our online writers boasting about what they don’t really see, make or do just to earn readers in their blogs? Some will write and mention figures that most readers will begin to build their castles in the air after reading their post. Let’s stop making a mountain from a molehill and face reality once and for all. How can you survive in this market trend as intending or existing online entrepreneur based in Nigeria. Believe me, it is more difficult than the way most authors write it. 

The principle of online marketing resembles that of traditional offline marketing. The good thing about online market over traditional offline market is the coverage. Any particular product showcased online reaches so many people because the internet has no boundaries. Online marketers in the Western countries make huge profits daily because of the level of trust they have built since time immemorial. Patronage of online shops in this part of the globe is encouraging. Imagine a mum is the U.S buying bread from website. I know that this level of civilization happens in stages and very soon Nigeria will still get there.

Currently in Nigeria, several online retail shops are making waves, such as,, etc. Also, few bloggers have been able to make valuable income online but not to their fullest potentials due to inherent limitations. Others have been able to get some minimal income to pay bills with other advertising agencies that accept Nigerians on their platform.

The Is Hope After All  
Despite these setbacks in our online marketplace, there is still hope for both intending and existing online entrepreneurs here in Nigeria. The Nigerian online marketplace is the most fertile among others. The reason might be attributed to our population and rich cultural heritage. Because of Nigerians diversity, citizens now have varieties in choices. Because of Nigerians diversity, citizens have different seasons for the festivities. This diversity in Nigeria revolves around peace, unity and progress. That is why the country is currently the fastest telecommunication market in Africa.

How to Become a Successful Online Marketer in Nigerian Marketplace  
Photo Source: SEOPlanter
  1. Know what Nigerians really want to buy: If you want to be a successful online marketer and you have the interest of Nigerian market, do not joke with this point. Here in Nigeria, we do not buy any how. There is no enough money in circulation and even someone in the House of reprehensive will lament for lack of money more than a bus conductor in the street. People don’t believe they have enough because of economic instability experienced in the past. For you to sell online to a Nigerian, it means that the product is so dear to him. So, make serious market research before you feature a product for Nigerian buyers.
  2. Consider selling it cheap and at variable price range: Here, I won’t lie to you, we like cheap things. I don’t mean that you should compromise with the value of your product but the cheaper your good the more Nigerians would buy it. Also, you should be very flexible in your pricing. It is in our psyche to negotiate the price for good before we buy. Buyers do not trust the seller so he will do everything to probe the authenticity of the pricing and the worth to the value quoted.
  3. Built Loyal List and Trust: I don’t know how to explain this but the fact is that Nigerians do not buy because your goods or services are good rather they buy because they know you. Take for instance; a typical Nigerians going to the market to buy will navigate the market to locate the person he previously bought something from. Here we call it “customer” which means something greater than the denotative meaning of the word. In Nigeria, the word “customer” assigned a relationship bond that signifies trust between the buyer and the seller. To be successful as an online marketer, you need to apply all the enable tools online and the social media to stay in touch with your potential and existing buyers. This will enable you to gain trust that will favour your business.
  4. Be prepared to talk more: I will call this advertisement. But here in Nigerian, you will need to go extra mile in advertisement. is an online retailer which is successful in Nigerian market because it is going on radio, television, Google advertisement etc. Other successful online entrepreneurs do same. Some even pay business promoters to dance in the street all for people to accept a business flyer. I don’t know but the more you talk about your product the more they believe it exists.
  5. Give some product for free: Set apart some products that you give to your potential buyers for free. Nigerians like free gift so much and appreciates it. Some value free gifts more that the ones they buy with their money. Psychologically, the donor leaves an indelible mark in the heart of a Nigerian recipient of his or her gift. If you want to be successful in selling online to a Nigerian, try giving him or her free gift and you will testify you did.
  6. Do not Scam any Nigerian: Nigerians are very good about discussing their adversaries more than their ambition. If you scam one Nigerian, the information will go viral than you have ever imagined. That means you are totally out of business. Imagine your company being named at a scammer in You will lose the entire Nigerian market and if you have a station here in Nigeria, it can be vandalized.
With these tips and more, you will be able to tap to the good of the growing Nigerian marketplace and make your profit. Have you got any comment or feedback? Please use the comment box below.   

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