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6 August 2013

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The Needs for People to Develop their Inert Potentials to become Self Reliance

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The days when people went to school and looked up to government for automatic employment are gone.  Those were the days in the nation when the colonial masters wanted indigenous and educated people to fill positions colonial administration.  The post colonial era also required educated citizens to fill the vacant positions created by the departing colonial officers. This created a scenario that once one acquired western education, one would find employment in the civil service.

Moreover, there were very few professional courses available in tertiary Institutions in the country then. Consequently, no skills were imparted to the students apart from the ability to read, read or to interact. Therefore most people ended up as teachers, clerks and interpreters. 

Today, the civil service can no longer absorb all those that have acquired some levels of education. This raises the level of unemployment in the country. The unemployment rate has continued to swell with its attendant social problems.

There is therefore the need for Nigerians to develop their inert potentials to become skillful products for self reliance.

Education is supposed to broaden one’s horizon where one with creative abilities can prepare one to be able to take initiatives.

Robert Coram, an American educationist once said that the education is the instructions of certain rules and standard that they will be able to support themselves when they come of age and no the obligations that are under in that society  of which they constitute a part.

This implies, while one is supporting one’s self based on the education received, one is also expected to fulfill some obligations to the society.

Unfortunately, some people tend to depend solely on the government and the society without their corresponding contribution to the society.  This should not be so.

It is high time, people stated engaging their inner resources to become self reliant. The government has put in place skill acquisition centers and is encouraging young people to go into agriculture and making it interesting through provision of finances and incentives

Also, the government is encouraging people to form cooperative societies where resources are pulled for productive ventures

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